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The 2009 Weblog Awards are the world's largest blog competition. The 2009 edition is now fully underway.

The nomination process for The 2009 Weblog Awards began today and will run through November 20, 2009 November 22, 2009.

Click here to see the master list of categories where you can nominate your favorite blogs. Get site badges (with linking code), and learn how you can get involved in this year's festivities.

The schedule for The 2009 Weblog Awards is as follows:

Nominations Nov. 3, 2009 - Nov. 20, 2009
Finalists Announced December 28, 2009
Voting January 4, 2010 - January 11, 2009

Start nominating your favorite sites, and start spreading the word about nominations opening!

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Kevin, when I logged in, my comment was rejected for not specifying a name and email address.

Now I have to wait 24 hours, despite having an account (connected with Facebook) and signing in.

No you don't have to wait 24 hours. Comments that aren't immediately published have to be reviewed. That process can take me up to 24 hours, but usually it's much shorter. If you connect and comment with Facebook your comments will appear immediately. Authenticated comments don't go through manual review.

Kevin, just a heads up. The authority rankings may need to be readjusted due to changes at Technotari. Rumproast.com went from a Small Blog last year to a Very Large Blog this year. While there may have been some growth on our part, there certainly wasn't enough for us to jump three categories. Your "size" categories may end up being heavily top-loaded.

Thanks. One of the items that delayed the opening of nominations was refactoring the Technorati Authority category bands. With Technorati adjusting their formulas I had to change some bounds. It appears that the maximum TA rating is 1000. The top blog on their top 100 list has a TA rating of 971. I worked down from that.

The Technorati Authority categories are there primarily for newer or smaller blogs. Of course we've got a couple Technorati Authority categories that (because of their boundaries) will contain larger blogs, but the reasoning behind the Technorati Authority categories is to allow smaller readership blogs to compete on a more equal footing.

I did a spot check on some finalists from last year, and you're right many have moved up. I'm not sure this is a bad thing. I think last year's TA numbers might have been too low for many sites, and that the new ratings are probably more indicative of current influence. The fact that some of those sites were finalists (or winners) may well have propelled them forward in the blogosphere.

I view this as an opportunity for a whole new crop of nominees (and ultimately finalists) to populate the lower Technorati categories.

Some site have indeed experienced an increase Kevin. My site went from a TA of 50 last year to 492 this year. I credit most of that jump to the Weblog Awards...

I'm having the same issue as Gal, my comments are being rejected for not having a valid e-mail or name. I've tried with Facebook Connect and my MovableType account, and have been receiving the same error message. I could leave comments when the threads first went live, but about an hour or two later the error started occurring. I'm using the unauthenticated comment system to leave this message.

For some reason, my nom post in best music still hasn't shown up...?

Is my blog not eligible for that categoryyear?

Michael Jackson
Tribute to the KING of POP






Your site was nominated multiple times (excessively so) in one category. I started deleting extra nominations, since they really serve no purpose. I must have not noticed that this nomination was for a different category; sorry about that. Please resubmit the nominatation in the appropriate nomination post and I'll approve it.

Note, I've been removing excessive nominations for Raymi as well. I might start with some others, it's just hard to keep track of so I don't like to do it if I can avoide it.

Really? Hmmm...

Okay, no problem.


There is an overlap between the "Best Major Blog" and "Best Very Large Blog".
Shouldn't the Authority for VLB be between 501 and 700? This overlap doesn't occur in any of the other blog size categories.

Best Major Blog (Authority over 701)
Best Very Large Blog (Authority between 501 and 750)

Thanks, that's now been fixed.

I'm using Firefox on Win 2k3 and the CSS styling of your comments sections in the categories makes it very tricky to determine which green "+" button to click.

The background image "conversation bubble" encompasses not only the comment with the site name, but the green "+" of the site ABOVE IT.

This makes it appear incorrectly like the "+" for the site is above it's name and not below it.

I meant IE7... too many browsers on this machine. :)

Sorry, the templates have been tested with the latest versions of several popular browsers - IE8, Firefox 3.5, and Google Chrome. IE7 (and possibly IE 6) do appear to have issues. I've notified the developer, but I can't give an estimate of when (of if) there will be a fix.


Just the facts,with a touch of opinion.

What's right with the left right here.


No personal finance category? :(

Business or (depending on the content) possibly Education. The Business blogs include marketing, economincs, and finance.

It's just that I feel Personal Finance is a large niche in and of itself, it seems inappropriate to combine it with other niches. Within personal finance, you have investing blogs, frugality blogs, 20-something finance blogs, retirement blogs, middle-age finance blogs, blogs about parenting and finance... I could probably nominate 20 blogs for a personal finance category and still feel I hadn't nominated all of my favorites.

It would be nice to have a 'Best Moderate (or Independent) Blog' to go along with the 'Best Liberal' and 'Best Conservative' categories.

Just a thought. Maybe in 2010? =)

Those folks should probably go in Best Polictical Coverage. Moderate is pretty subjective. I prefer the two extremes - we have plenty of arguements about purity in those two categories...

I'm not sure if it's because I'm not paying enough attention or what...

When I vote for someone, the vote number does increase, but if I refresh the page or go back a little later the number is back down to what it normally was.

Is the voting once per day or once and that's it?

This is not the voting period. Those are just "me too's" to save from having multiple nominations. We do look at those numbers when making finalists list, though it's not one of the primary factors. See the FAQ.

The vote is registered, and displayed on your screen via AJAX magic. The page is then rebuilt in the background and others see the total that includes your vote. It can take a little bit for it to show up, since it's not a high priority process. Not to worry though your + rating is captured.


Thank you for your prompt response to my question. I went to the FAQ before asking my question and I guess I just skimmed over it and missed the answer. Sorry about that! Keep up the good work!

I would like to nominate "The Juicer" at the photo blog site http://bigapplejuice.wordpress.com/
great pics and read as well.

Hi Kevin,
It has come to my attention that there is a comment addressed to a nominated blog that I found offensive due to its content and language. I would appreciate it if, in the spirit of quality and professionalism, it can be removed. The comment appears under the nomination of Boston Soul for Best Sports Blog. Thank you very much, and keep up the good work.

We here at EIB take blogs very seriously, which is why we're nominating the following for -

"Best Large Blog"

will not be televised(Authority 421)


We hope you enjoy the blog as much as we do.


There were a lot of votes for Anthony Watts's Blog, Watts Up With That (Best Science Blog, but now they have disappeared. What's up with that? Are people afraid the truth about the AGW-fraud will be revealed soon?



How long does it take for this simple question to be answered? Is this award thing a one man show? And does that person believe Global Warming is a relaity? Because I have news for you: it ain't. Read WUWT, the Best Sceince blog 2008 AND 2009, regardless of the vanishing votes.

Multiple nominations were removed. What you are calling "votes" are not votes, as you would know if you read the nomination instructions. They are "me too" recomendations. It's not our fault that people refuse to read, so when one or two sites are nominated over and over again we sometimes clean up the mess. If "me too" recomendations are lost in the process, so be it. Don't worry, we've seen who was nominated repeatedly. That, in and of itself, is not a major factor in our finalist determinations. The instructions are pretty clear - only a single nomination is required to be considered...

Pfff, I don;t nee dinstructions to know that WUWT is by far the best Sceince Blog out there. But thanks for answering anyway.

Unless voting is already open or you intend on going backward in time you should fix your schedule

I've for the past few days come by and click the score button on my favorite blog but it hasn't change but other have my question is why?

is this fixed already is this an honest voting?

This isn't the voting period for The 2009 Weblog Awards. What you're clicking on is a "me too" recomendation for a nomination. The system limits you to one click. You can click it as much as you want, but the tally will only increase on the first click.

Again, remember this is not voting, this is the nomination period. Go read the FAQ if you want to know how finalists are picked. Finalist voting is one vote per day, on a much fancier voting screen.

Your schedule says voting is from Jan 4, 2010 until Jan 11, 2009. Hmmmm, something wong. Maybe the space time continuum doesn't work where you are.

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