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Related Entries


The Mouse Trap

My blog focusing on Psychology and Neuroscience.

I would like to nomimate Our World 2.0 -

NAACAL is a well-designed and interesting science blog -

I would like to nominate for best science. Charles, a jazz musician has an amazing understanding of AGW, and evolution. This guy should get a Nobel. After all, If Obama ca get the peaceprize, Chuck deseres the science blog award.

My nomination goes to NAACAL, a very interesting science blog.

Nerdabout--science, art, tech and many nerdy things between

Best Science Blog

Watts Up With That?

Watts Up With That

This blog concentrates on sceptical articles re climate change. Despite this narrow focus, it continues to be the most honest and best science blog by a large margin.

I'd like to nominate Watts Up With That?
as the best science blog.

Steve McIntyre aka Percy Verance
ofClimate Audit

I nominate Steve McIntyre's Climate Audit

This informative, interesting and often humourous site has done more than any other to cut through the BS 'science' of Man Made Global Warming.

An informative and important website

WattsUpWithThat... Great Science blog that shows the real science behind climate without the political schemes.

I'd like to nominate Climate Audit for it's scientific approach to examining the science, or lack of it, behind the claims of AGW.

I nominate Climate Depot. World class. Enough said.

Ever on the learning curve

This guy's already changed history. 100 years from now, history books may call Steve McIntyre the guy who saved science. He's taken us all to school.

Watts Up with That, of course.

Greetings from Portugal!

For groundbreaking work this year on science that should have been done properly 10 years ago.

Jeff Id's Blog
The Air Vent

I especially enjoy his "Global warming most extreme predictions of 2009 – Contest" section. There are some great posts there.

Climate audit

Steve McIntyre’s blog consistently provides a deep unbiased examination of the issues associated with climate change.

Climate Audit

That a blogger could show the deep flaws is "climate science", without the extensive funding of government, shows what the internet is all about.

I suspect history will show that McIntyre will be one of the few that will save us from a potential new dark age of climate hysteria and insanity.

If you are going to open science blogs to anti-science blogs, you might as well go all the way:

This blog puts the "review" back into peer review.

Climate Audit

Climate Audit

Climate Audit

If you want real climate science from someone who is personally doing breakthrough work, this is the place. If you want climate science explained, go to Watts Up With That. They are both great. I don't know who I'll vote for in the end.

RC is a political blog - this is science we're talking about.

Brain Stimulant

Blog focusing on new neurotechnology methods of brain stimulation, neuroscience, brain emulation, altering consciousness and miscellaneous futurism.

I nominate Will Baird's "The Dragons Tales"

An eclectic mix of space science, paleontology, and paleoclimate science

Watt's Up With That

This blog concentrates on sceptical articles re climate change. Despite this narrow focus, it continues to be the most honest and best science blog by a large margin.

The Reference Frame

If you want to follow what's going on in high energy physics The Reference Frame is the blog to read, no question.

I nominate realclimate (no just kidding)
I nominate the Lubos' reference frame

For his sterling work deconstructing GISTemp I nominate EM Smith's Musings:

I'd like to nominate Open Mind.

What is it with these ironically titled blogs? Tamino's Open Mind. Real Climate. Both American blogs I note. And did I hear it said that Americans don't get irony?.

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

I have removed a majority of comments discussing the merits of various blogs because we're not having a debate in the comment section, but taking nominations. Debates can happen elsewhere.

You can use the discussion forum to debate the merit of "anti-science" blogs...

These are open nominations, we don't dictate who can nominate what, nor will we "unnominate" anyone.

Out of the hundreds of nominations there will only be 10 finalists. We will review every nominated site to try to find ten finalists that make for a well rounded panel.

Also I've taken to deleting new nominations for sites already nominated several times. Really, we've got enough nominations for several of the sites...

Thanks for the link, Kevin!

I nominate the Lubos' reference frame

I nominate as the best science blog. It is about energy and our future, an issue of great importance today.

Uncommon Descent; a refreshingly cool-headed and informative blog on the evolution/ID debate

Steve McIntyre deserves any accolades that come his way.

Christians and Climate: The Evangelical Climate Initiative

I'd like to nominate my blog -- although it covers non-science topics, I do my best when addressing climate science to be factual, and advance the debate.

Energy from Thorium

Thorium is an abundant nuclear fuel and is best used in the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR). It's nuclear waste decays very rapidly and would be no one's 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice for making weapons. The reactor itself is super-safe, has high thermal efficiency, operates at atmospheric pressure and makes enough fuel from thorium as it operates so that very little extra need be added each year. Why haven't you heard of this reactor? It was developed in the 1960's and wouldn't produce plutonium, wouldn't produce profits for the fuel assembly manufacturers (its fuel is liquid) and didn't have the head start of benefiting from the R&D done for submarine reactors (it is very different from current commercial reactors).


George Hoberg - Seeking Insight into Governance for Sustainability. Blogging on climate, energy, and forest policy.

Denialdepot is the most logical and enlightening skeptical climate science blog on the internet.

A different science, untainted by Climate Change politics:

Language Log

So many duplications for certain sites! It almost invites qquestions about how scientific the readership of those sites can be if they can't comprehend the simple nomination guidelines.

It's tough, but fair.

Only criticism; they should insist scienceblogs take them up, since there's an irrational prejudice against blogger/blogspot.

Denialdepot - taking a stand against so-called facts.

Live Talk on Twitter

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