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Related Entries


Yid With Lid

Atlas Shrugs
Pamela Geller is the " MOTHER OF ALL FEARLESS BLOGGERS ! "

I would like to nominate David Horowitz's NewsReal blog.

NewsReal Blog

Great source of news that is censored spun or outright lied about in lamestream media.

Atlas Shrugs

I am amazed every time I go to Atlas Shrugs, there is fresh news there! No other site, or media outlet breaks stories like Pamela Geller.

Weasel words from mollycoddles will never do when the day demands prophetic clarity from greathearts.
-- Theodore Roosevelt

Geller is a Patriot with a greatheart!!

I nominate Barataria:

Thoughtful and challenging 3 times a week. A strong half-step back from the noise of the regular media.

The Crossed Pond is still doing great stuff.

League of Ordinary Gentlemen

Actual discourse. I'd almost forgotten what its like.

Author Chris Brady's Leadership Blog

I nominate Guy Fawkes' blog for the Best Political Blog...

Remember, remember, the 5th of November...

I nominate The Devil's Kitchen for Best Political Blog...

Yes, he swears a lot, but when someone is right, he is right!

I nominate Ace at

Politics with sci fi. What more could you want?

I nominate:
File Under Barack Hussien Obama

I LOVE LOVE LOVE [email protected]

Talk about user-friendly! Doug has a unique visual style, presenting political news and analysis in visually compelling formats, such as hilarious "posters" or "bumper stickers," and photo-essays (his trademark) comprised of digitally manipulated photographs with informative captions. These photo-essays usually give valuable background on issues of the day--background that's often missing from the "mainstream media."

These are so informative, succinct and visually appealing, you will find yourself emailing them to all your friends on a regular basis!

In the sidebar on the site, there are links to some of the most popular of these photo-essays over the years. "Whom Despots Fear," a brief history of Western civilization, is a must-read, as is "What Really Happened," a brief history of the state of Israel. Very, very valuable depth and background that give you CONTEXT for understanding the day's news that might otherwise seem to make no sense.

Another good feature of the site is "Larwyn's Links," a daily listing of valuable links to good sources for the hottest news and commentary of the day.

Doug Ross is a site I check every day. I most highly recommend it.

Two INDISPENSABLE blogs for keeping up with the Muslim world:

For an in-depth and constantly updated perspective on the issues of immigration, racism, and contemporary politics:

The best political site for fighting hatred and racism...

Chasing Evil


America's Right.

The quality of writing there is second to none. It has become my first stop on the Internet.

I read America's Right almost daily. I think that Jeff's blog is informative and interesting. I nominate his blog for Best Political Blog.

I nominate And so it goes in Shreveport

Without a doubt - HillBuzz is the best of the best!!!

Legal Insurrection


I read America's Right several times a day. Jeff is always adding informative articles that are critical to today's political scene. I nominate America's Right, http//, for Best Political Blog.

Hillbuzz - the best out there!

Debbie Schlussel

Debbie is one of the few people with enough guts to tell the ugly truth we all need to know. is, without a doubt, the most straight foward and level headed conservative blog. NO knives,daggers or spears being thrown. Just plain level headed interpretation of what is happing to our government and coutry under the Obama and cohorts administration. We have diminished in our and the worlds eyes.
The "snake oil cure" salesmen will be surprised how ungullible the American public will be in the 2010 and 2012 elections. The "snake oil cure" representatives will be voted out by the voters that the "snake oil" didn't cure!!!!!!
GOODBYE to them!!!!!


The very best, and most literate, libtard site> The provide a review of the news with a most savage wit that does not require a 'caps lock'.


Simply the best political satire blog. Libtard sit back and enjoy. Conservative, Paultard, Truck Nutzie this is the spot that will get your morning systolic over 200 faster than ten cups of joe.

Talking Points Memo for news + commentary.

Wonkette for hilarious snark. Git yr trucknutz on.

The Crossed Pond


I'd like to point out that it correctly picked how the primaries would turn out, down to the finishing order of all major candidates, a month before Iowa.

And it's the only blog I know of to correctly predict, upon the securing of each nomination, who each VP candidate would be. That's right. It guessed Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.

It's also been a great spot for the Republican infighting of 2009 and the struggle to define conservatism.

A refreshing breath of snark in our vacuous political reality.

how bout

great site

The Religion of Peace should be given a look, especially by the PC crowd.I am not a Wingtard but more toward the Marxist end of the spectrum. Wake up apologists of religious fundamentalist ideologies of all stripes and colors.

i nominate, the best POLITICAL blog on this planet:


i am deweyfromdetroit, and i approved this nomination.

thank you for your support.

i nominate MOTUS: The Mirror Of The United States. she started blogging after hearing too many people ask, "doesn't Michelle Obama have a mirror?"

Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog

Wonkette - what could be finer? What other blog would you ever need? Trucknutz, also!!2!

The Strident Conservative

Using satire and sarcasm, the Strident Conservative comments on issues of politics and religion from a firmly planted, conservative viewpoint.

If you're mad as hell and can't take it anymore, this is a site you'll love.

I nominate Carl Sherer for his informative blog that so clearly explains the situation and around the world.

Live Talk on Twitter

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