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Nominate your choice for Best New Political Blog. The blog must have been established after November 3, 2008 - when last years nominations opened.

Update: Nominations are closed for all categories. Finalist will be announced the last week of December and voting will begins Jan. 4, 2010.


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  • The number of nominations a blog receives is irrelevant. One nomination is enough...
  • Rather than add a "me too" (i.e. multiple) nomination for a site in a category, please use the "+" icon to indicate your preference for nominees. The "+" ratings are one extra piece of information the finalist selection panel can use to help generate the finalist slates in each category.
  • Given the two previous items, we reserve the right to remove excessive comments (i.e. nominations) for the same site.
  • The nomination period is scheduled to end on Sunday, November 22, 2009, though we reserve the option to close nominations earlier or later.
  • Voting for selected finalists is scheduled to begin January 4, 2010. Finalists will be announced the week before voting begins.
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The best new political blog is....

2.0 The Blogmocracy

The Blogmocracy

No question about it. The Blogmocracy should be nominated.

Notoriously Conservative

As flattered as I am to be nominated in this category, has been in existence since 2007. I would hardly call the blog 'new'... =)

I'd like to Nominate myself.

I'm not new, but I'm not that old either.

I nominate Lonely Conservative--I depend on this blog for info, breaking news, commentary, sparring opinions, and entertainment. Great work!:

I nominate Death By 1000 Paper Cuts

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen

Nominating Lonely Conservative. Conservative blogging to keep me sane.

The Funhouse

Nominating: The Blogmocracy
For best New Political Blog -- because it is.

The Funhouse

The Funhouse

A new 2008 entry to the small group of centrist political blogs:

The Purple Center

The Funhouse

The Funhouse

I would like to nominate

The Funhouse

I would have just clicked on one of the nominations above but it would not save my vote. It would go to 3 but I would leave and come back and it would again be at 2.

I nominate for:
best new blog
best new political blog
best new conservative blog

David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog--simply the best in ALL categories!!

I nominate the best new blog for all categories:

I nominate

John Wayne Smith,
2010 Libertarian Party Candidate for Governor of Florida
203 W Magnolia St., Leesburg Florida 34748
Phone 352 787 5550, Email: [email protected]

Best New Political Blog:

Big Government

The folks you can thank for the beginning of the end of ACORN. Investigative journalism the way it used to be done. Top notch. No punches pulled. A national treasure.

The server is fast. The setup is awesome. Guest posts and great posters. Blogmocracy rules!!!!

Reaffirm Big Government, great site for internet investigative journalism.

Reaffirm Big Government, great site for internet investigative journalism.

Dear Mrs (Mr)!
I want to show you my new Blog “Military Diplomacy” with Url address . The blog is for the diplomatic history and foreign policy during the Second World War. You can see also the Zhukov`s Berlin`s Strategic operation in photos.
Best wishes
Nikolay Kotev

Dear Mrs (Mr)!
I want to show you my Blog “The wars. Afghan…” with Url address . In the blog you can see photos from the contemporary war in Afghanistan, after 2003 and my scientific aricles about the history of Afghanistan in the end of XX century .
Best wishes
Nikolay Kotev

Several people have reported to me that their attempts to vote for The Purple Center by clicking on the green plus button has not resulted in the number recorded changing if they ccheck back a while later. I note that the site was aware of this or a similar problem and thinks it corrected it -- but it has not.

In any case, I wish to renominate my blog, one of a handful that is neither left nor right but centrist and independent.

Legal Insurrection

The best new political blog is:
This guys is a trip.

The Blogmocracy

the wheat has left the chaff

I nominate my own blog,

And it's called Twisted Politics

SHORTSandPANTS, doodz.

The uncensored scoldings of a couple of grand grandmas.

Shorts, you rock me all night long!!!

Best New Political Blog

The Vigilance Project

i nominate, the best NEW POLITICAL blog on this planet:


i am deweyfromdetroit, and i approved this nomination.

thank you for your support.

i nominate MOTUS: The Mirror Of The United States. she started blogging after hearing too many people ask, "doesn't Michelle Obama have a mirror?"

Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog


Putting the *fapfapfap* back in to politics.


Satire, pop-culture commentary, and extreme socio-libertarian, Hunter Thompson-ist rhetoric. Good times.

MOAA's Battle of the Bilge

Rooting out the fake news and commentary in the email and web world, first year up and going well.

The Strident Conservative

Using satire and sarcasm, the Strident Conservative comments on issues of politics and religion from a firmly planted, conservative viewpoint.

If you're mad as hell and can't take it anymore, this is a site you'll love. Best political blog!

Live Talk on Twitter

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