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  • The nomination period is scheduled to end on Sunday, November 22, 2009, though we reserve the option to close nominations earlier or later.
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I nominate:

3dmarquee is my first choice for 3d movie information.

2.0 The Blogmocracy

The upgrade to LGF that picks up where Charles left off.

I am the blogger who maintains TYWKIWDBI. We participated last year as a finalist in the "new blog" category. We should not have been nominated in this category again this year. Please delete this nomination, or ignore it (for this category) during your evaluation process. Thank you.


The Best New blog is..


The Blogmocracy, what LGF once was

The Blogmocracy definitely deserves recognition.

For the best humor I nominate What Would Tyler Deardan Do

gotta be the funniest lone blogger ive ever read.. real guy with funny titles and own perspectives to every article

Correspondence Committee.
Politics, History, Geek stuff, and all sorts of other topics that may come up. Remember our state slogan - "drive friendly"

I nominate NewsReal Blog
for Best New Blog

Please remove this from consideration. I have changed the site to include older archived stories, and therefore it should not be considered "New"

Please nominate Stinque for best new blog.

The Funhouse

I'd like to nominate

I, with absolutely no humility, nominate SOYLENT GREEN

I nominate THE BLOGMOCRACY. All new, all fresh, the best!

David Horowitz' NewsReal Blog

Best New Political Blog:

The Persistent Conservative

The Journey Toward Publication
best new blog
best humorous blog

Best New Blog:

Thrift Is In, Fabulous Never Goes Out.

Bitches on a Budget - Very sharp, well-chosen topics, good wit without being silly.


Fine Village of the Baned.

Absolutely the best new blog.

I love my blog. Shameless self promotion is OK. I feel good about it.

yes. good.

I am WE

Ooops ... forgot to post the name! DOH!!!!
Caution: Caveman Cooking

I would like to nominate "Dummy Essentials" for:

Best New Blog
Best Technology Blog
Best Education Blog
Best Science Blog
Best Blog Design
Best Asian Blog

la boulangerie de bergére

The Squealer

Not mine. Belongs to a friend, and deserves a spot.

I nominate Big Government for best new blog!

I nominate Big Government for Best New Blog!

I'm nominating our blog for best new blog:

Legal Insurrection

I nominate Correspondence Committee. Innovative format, old friends, great discussion.

Grove of Blue

Grove of Blue

I nominate The Feminist Agenda. Snarky, witty, smart, articulate, well-read... love it!

Reflections On The Dance
Michael Joseph Jackson Remembered

the awl, duh.

dirtygirldiaies is certainly the best blog of the year. Funny, intelligent & much needed. Thanks to the Dirty girls!

Tenth Dot Ministries
A place to spend time with God online.

I nominate - Military News for Canadians, Sharing Tidbits from Both Sides of the Fight

Bridges and Tangents
Looking across the landscape of contemporary culture - at the arts, science, religion, politics, philosophy

Step Aside Let The Dog See The Rabbit

Everyday advice on style, life and a place of comfort for the fellow bewildered.

DrawnThatWay -- A new blog dedicated to animated feature films.

Started in September 2009

We've already gotten tons of site mentions and hits. We are on pace for 1 million views for what is considered in the US, a niche sport.

My blog is called:

My Portis Wasp says

and the url is:

Infinite Monkey (At The Keyboard)

i nominate, the best NEW blog on this planet:


i am deweyfromdetroit, and i approved this nomination.

thank you for your support.

i nominate MOTUS: The Mirror Of The United States. she started blogging after hearing too many people ask, "doesn't Michelle Obama have a mirror?"

Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog


Best New Blog Out There! Interviews with guys like Ian Sanderson, Tom Brevoort, Chris Clarmont, Dan Way, Jeff O'Shea, and partners with brands like Rethink Clothing, Teva shoes, and more! launched in April of 2009 and has thousands of readers from all over the world!

everything is chemical

MOAA's Battle of the Bilge

Rooting out the fake news and commentary in the email and web world, first year up and going well.

I nominate My Portis Wasp says

for Best New Blog. Best blog I have ever read!

I nominate My Portis Wasp says

I nominate My Portis Wasp says

Its braw.

I want to vote for best new blog

We nominate the fantastic My Portis Wasp says

I ♥ Faces at

This is a photography community site that has weekly contests, tutorials, hands-on photo editing and workshops. It has a very loyal and growing community.

Beach Bum Wannabe


I nominate Rajahm Online Media.

Live Talk on Twitter

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