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Still providing some of the best music blogging out there; even with all them crappy bangers out on the 'sphere.

Wouldn't popdose be better suited in the "Pop Culture" category?


[insert snarky comment here]



Anything Fucking Cool

pretty much amazing.

Bored and Beats


Bored and Beats


Bored and Beats


Confusion is the truth

I nominate The Rising Storm:

I second this nomination.

[freshly served] Hip Hop

the fastest growing media group.

Email us to affiliate

Eclectic content and credible writers makes an awesome destination site for quality music and arts related content.

these are all great, well, except that TSURURADIO one... ew!

dysonsound - for the love of music's sake


The Scenestar

+ Los Angeles based music site for local music news, band interviews, album & show reviews, photography, concert calendar, pre-sale information and more!

Cover Lay Down

+ Folk covers of familiar songs. Reimagined versions of folk songs. because in the folk tradition, music belongs to the community. is an NYC based music and pop culture blog.


Excellent Bob Dylan fan site. The only music site with enough integrity that I believed the news Dylan was coming out with a CD of Christmas songs.

When You Awake

Author Nick Hornby listed it as one of his top 5 favorite sites.

dysonsound - for the love of music's sake

Dyson Sound!

Lots of great reviews of all kinds of music!

We All Want Someone to Shout For!

Musicisart is such a beautiful blog!!

[email protected]

downtown lobby



Playground Boston


Guess who posts all your favorite late night music tv performances (FIRST!), interviews your favorite bands, and gives away a ton of awesome CDs/prizes? The Audio Perv. Thanks.
A music blog for people that don't have time for music blogs!

We All Want Someone To Shout For

I vote for

they're awesome!

THE most zeitgeist pop and electropop music blog, without the drama and attitude that some of its competitors bring.


Leave a comment...


Tons of interviews, unreleased/new music, reviews, news, etc.


Vinyl Record Face

A collection of album reviews and other musical insights.
The best music blog on the internet!

One of my fave blogs. CHECK IT OUT.

Vote Maybe Baby for Best Music Blog:

Rock and roll history is filled with near-misses, accidental deaths and roads not taken. Maybe Baby, or You Know That It Would Be Untrue, is a collection of stories about what would’ve happened had it, well, happened. Kris Kristofferson got it right - Maybe Baby is “partly truth, partly fiction.” For a different take on rock and roll history, look for a new post on backbeat Fridays, the 2nd and 4th of every month.

If you dimly remember what happened during pop music's greatest decade (or you blame your parents or grandparents for not ensuring you were there) then you have to read the MaybeBaby blog:

Vinyl Record Face

By far best music blog on the net

Vinyl Record Face

Seriously an epic blog.

Vinyl Record Face

the best header I've ever seen on a blog.
The reviews are excellently written and are diverse.

We All Want Someone To Shout For:

The Sky Report


Vinyl Record Face

best music blog on the net, hands down!

Rock Turtleneck
Serving Aging Hipsters Since 2006


I am an Electronic/Euro Pop artist that was featured on this site and they did an excellent job on covering me. ;)


MBV Music - it's Catbirdseat, Said The Gramophone, Large Hearted Boy, Fluxblog, and Chromewaves all in one!



Live Talk on Twitter

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