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Nominate your choice for Best Medical/Health Issues Blog. Blogs about health care, disability, weight loss, fitness, etc. are among the types of nominees one would expect in this category.

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I am a college friend of Jon's. He's off to a great start in his weight loss journey! Keep it up Jon!

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get read & fantastic insight into FA


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I would like to nominate as the best medical/healthcare blog on the internet. CareToLive has taken up the mantle to support the 30,000 men each year who die from late stage prostate cancer who are out of treatment options and have been discarded. We advocate for the use of Provenge, a safe and effective, first of its kind immunotherapy, which once approved, will kick off a paradigm shift in the way cancer is treated in the future. First immunotherapy for prostate cancer, then, breast, colon, urinary, lung, etc. We are expecting FDA approval within the next few months. The anticipated approval will represent a medical breakthrough, brought to you by a dedicated group of CareToLive advocates who refused to let the wall street cartel bury this important science.

This site and its sponsors exemplifies the best of the best in the power of people using the internet to serve a greater good in helping save lives by fighting governement bureaucracy to do the right thing.

So glad to see Care to Live get nominated for this category. A blogsite fighting to help save lives while battling the powers that be in Big Pharma and the FDA. CTL merits a win here.


A place of support and practical advice for parents who've experienced stillbirth or neonatal death.

The only health site written, run and researched by physicians. It is awesome.

Live Talk on Twitter

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