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Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, devolved, as a caterpillar, Little Green Footballs has completed its metamorphosis from leading conservative & independent blog into serious Kos Kompetition.

I second LGF as the most perspicacious and yummy of all the pro AGW and Man as the Measure of All Things blogs on the net.

"Swimming Freestyle" fits quite nicely into the "Best Liberal Blog" category -

This Liberal Blog is amazing!

"Quite Concur" on Little Green Footballs.

wrong category clown,
let's see,
1. you hate obama
2. you are against the health care plan
3. you are birthers
4. you advocated for McCain/Palin
5. you are puma

yep, wrong category.

I second this nomination. Wonkette is da best.

Wonkette FTW!

Wonkette gets my nom too. And Jim Newell gets my nomnomnom.

I love the meatprod blog!

Definitely Little Green Footballs. It's like watching a fresh new Quisling hatch from its chrysalis!

Little Green Footballs absolutely is the best blog out there.

I also nominate Little Green Footballs.

It is a fantastic place to freely exchange ideas and diverse opinions on a wide range of topics such as global warming, evolution, and Kindle books.

I nominate Small Dead Animals

I nominate the original and still the "Best Liberal Blog":

I call shenanigans! Religious extremists from LittleGreenFootballs are spiking the nominations.

LGF is not really liberal, it's more of a cult, and it doesn't belong here since there is no "Best Cult Blog" category.

LGF's a mind-bending personality cult built up around their Dear Leader: Charles Johnson. It's on par with 'Heavens Gate' or the 'Peoples Temple'. Don't let those nutcases run away with "Best Liberal Blog" award.

Actually fritzkatz, it's not LGF readers who are spiking these noms, it's people who think that Charles Johnson (and Andrew Sullivan) are no longer conservatives because they don't toe-the-line of the hard right.

My guess is that the admins will see through it.

Little Green Footballs is way more indicative of where modern liberalism is "at" than Kos. Kos is merely a mouthpiece for the DNC, while only Charles Johnson has the courage to deal with global warning, white supremacists in the "conservative" hate movement, and fighting creationist lies.

Simply left behind:

Nailing Jello to the Wall

"Slippery, squishy, and impossible to pin down ...."

Evil Slutopia deserves it just for the name alone! ha!


Don't worry about some of the clowns monkeying with the nominations... They're just nominations - that's why we actually vet them to come up with finalist slates.

I've been spending most of my time working on the unauthenticated comments. I may (or may not) go through and purge some of the authenticated comments, but there's a lot of categories to monitor.

We take our time working the finalist lists in the categories to get things right. We're human, but overall we do a pretty good job.

Perhaps in the future the criteria for determining if a qualifies for a particular category could be provided. For example, the past winners and finalists from a particular category could weigh in on whether or not a particular blog would fit in that category. In the case of LGF, I am confident that the majority of conservative bloggers would not consider that site to be a conservative blog.

So what? The majority of liberals don't consider it a liberal blog, either. Ditto for the Daily Dish. There are only three blogs started by former Republicans who have become vital contributors to the netroots: Balloon Juice, Dailykos, and the Huffington Post.

Additional progressive blog suggestions: FiredogLake, Americablog, fivethirtyeight, Think Progress, Matthew Yglesias, Spencer Ackerman, Ezra Klein, Wonkette, and Digby's Hullaballo.

I hope you're able to get more than two or three valid nominations in this category.


I nominate for Best Liberal Blog! I laughed, I cried, I cheered!

Wonkette, of course.

Also, Pam's House Blend really does deserve recognition beyond the LGBT category:


Do it....for the trucknutz and for Trig.


Vote for snark or die in the black void of outer space.


Wonkette, the champagne of snark.

Jesus' General and his Inner Frenchman!!!


Or can I un-nominate The Confluence? We don't need wingnut conservative blogs in the best liberal blog category.

I nominate First Draft:

which is an actual liberal blog, unlike Little Green Footballs and the ridiculous spammage otherwise in the nominations.


Best liberal blog out there. Best commenters too.

Can I live without my Wonkette?


It's like Baconnaise on a Sarah Palin-Levi Johnson sandwich.

Little Green Footballs should NOT be nominated in the best liberal blog category. It is Andrew Sullivan-esque diatribe from right wing conspiracy theorists that just happen to hate racism a little more than other right wing conspiracy theorists. Just because you don't like Sarah Palin doesn't make you a liberal. How can you claim to be a liberal website when your biggest talking point is how global warming is a lie? Environmentalism is a major goal for liberal politicians. This isn't the libertarian blog awards.

For some reason my last reply to you wasn't printed...

Your comment was deleted, as will all others like it in the future be deleted. This is not a discussion, and most certainly not a discussion about global warming.

This comment section is for nominations only.

Classy snark. Helps me swallow our daily bitter political realities.

Funny, Snarky and gets to the heart of the matter. I visit every day to remain sane.

I hereby nominate as Best Liberal Blog.

I swear by Wonkette. It improves self-pleasure.

OK, ok ShortsandPants.

The feed is directly from God to your open waiting mind

Since no one else has, I'll just go ahead and nominate ...

i guess i nominateme but i am like groucho , i am not sure i want to be part of any group that has me as a member.

I guess i nominate me but I am like Groucho ,I am not sure I want to be part of any group that has me as a member.

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