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Nominate your choice for Best Latino, Caribbean, or South American Blog. Essentially any blog authored south of the United States, or blog focused on Latino, Caribbean, or South American issues (regardless of the authors location) are eligible in this category.

Update: Nominations are closed for all categories. Finalist will be announced the last week of December and voting will begins Jan. 4, 2010.


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Related Entries


La Gringa's Blogicito

Covers all aspects of Honduran life in a well informed manner.

Another excellent Cuban blog:


Perfume da Rosa Negra (from Brazil) - Pioneer Brazilian perfume blog, covering
Perfume Reviews, Interviews, News and many articles related to perfumery and various themes (literature, fashion,dance,visual arts,etc)mainly local Brazil perfume brands and Brazilian perfumery issues.

I read the rules. I was going to reply to the first nomination, but the text fields were disabled.

No one delineates life in Honduras better! LG delivers accurate, informative and entertaining posts on everything related to life in Honduras. She's is also able to capture and report the harships and enchanments that life in Honduras can provide. I consider this blog the best source for accurate information in pertinence to Honduras' current political crisis.

This blog is well organized, informative, and entertaining. Many of it's readers, including myself, have drawn inspiration for writing a blog after following the Blogicito. Don't believe me? Read through the reader comments, many readers admit to being ispired to write a blog after reading LG's.

By clicking on the submit button, I now nominate LG, for queen of the blogosphere.

I nominate sipmacrants!

***Su Blog Mágico-Cómico-Musical***A Magical-Comical-Musical Blog***The News written the way I li(k)e***Las noticias como a mi me gusta escribirlas***

La Gringa's Blogicito

La Gringa covers all issues, with accuracy, sprinkled with dry humor. Very informative. Best blog around covering issues in and about Honduras

La Gringa's Blogs always are full of accurate information on all types of issues. For those of us who speak little to no Spanish she keeps us up to date on what is going on around us. From the current political issues to whats growing in the garden.

I vote for La Gringa:

Thanks to her informative blog, we got up to date truthful "reporting" of the recent political crisis in Honduras.

La gringa's site provides an in depth view of living in honduras, wanting to live in Honduras and all things Honduras on a site which runs smoothly with a great sense of community. Keep up the good work, LG!

I vote as the best blog the one from La Gringa, Honduras:

It denounces corruption in a straight way. With "no pelos en la lengua".


a club of music writers, focused on latin american musica, they're awesome!

Not sure I qualify under this category since I may not be based outside of the United States a key focus of my blog is LGBT Latino issues so...


Live Talk on Twitter

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