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Related Entries

I really get a laugh from this blog. Whenever I need one I come here.

It's tempting to also nominate him for best news blog

Adventures of a Wanna Be SupahMommy

The History Bluff is a funny fake history blog.

For the best humor (and the best good-natured humor) - MissCellania

i through away all my riddle collections

For the best humor I nominate What Would Tyler Deardan Do

gotta be the funniest lone blogger ive ever read.. real guy with funny titles and own perspectives to every article

By far, the best humor blog on the 'net is:

I nominate:

I know the writer very well and I admire her a great deal. She is also a very attractive human being.
always great for a laugh when needed. it's part of my daily browser boot routine.

I nominate Rev Paul T Hipple's blog:

"Dominionists for Tancredo 2012, 2016 at the Latest"

(just don't tell him it is humorous)

World O' Crap

Lots of great humor blogs out there, but I love how this one spoofs and mocks the most mean-spirited, crazy stuff on the internet without ever being mean about it themselves. Very funny stuff.


Somebody give this guy an award or a book deal! His skewed view of the world is always laugh out loud funny and spot on.

Jim Treacher's Blog that is on the Internet!

Jimmy is the funniest guy!!! I know this for a fact.

The name of this site has been changed back to The Fake News. Also, here is our feed:

The Juxtasuras Rex of far left humor.

The Juxtasuras Rex of far left humor.

World O'Crap

More wit per square inch than anything else in the blogosphere.

Unitshifter: A Blog of Peculiarity

The Daily Blank is a community of authors that focuses on Chicago Satire.

I nominate The Texas Cockroach:
RSS Feed:

The Texas Cockroach is a satirical newspaper from the mythical small town of LaCucaracha, Texas. In LaCucaracha, football is king, and citizens have a choice of 137 churches. The Texas Cockroach parodies the unique culture, lifestyle and politics found nowhere else but Texas.

Can't You Get Along With Anybody?"

Growf: Changing the World, One Reductionist Internet Rumination at a Time

VERY funny satire site! Prolific articles (updated often!)

Gotta nominate the Zany Pickle - for a daily dose of funnies!
a news satire/opinion site, more dark and acerbic than most.



"Like life itself, there is nothing meaningful to be found on this site. The Church of Apathy is a place for those enlightened enough to understand that there is no god, meaning to life, or such thing as free will..."

A nihilistic parody of positive thought/motivational websites such as those run by the likes of Steve Pavlina, Tony Robbins, etc.

Read or your planet is doomed.

"Can't You Get Along With Anybody?"

great job daily blank keep up the humor sometimes your the only thing funny on all the net.

I nominate for BEST HUMOR BLOG "Can't You Get Along With Anybody?". Great stuff, Deb Amlen is so clever and hilarious.

Stray polyps from the internest.

Daily PG humor with unusual pics,.gif animations and videos from non-mainstream sources. Safe for work and kids. Entertaining comments.

Scott Ott's humorous takes on the news:

Fake emails from people of note.

Brilliantly humourous


A Pleasure to disagree with

(one leaves his space always better informed)

EVEN if (like most Americans) that Racoon can't spell "defence" or "honour", with a strange preference for "dove" and "sidewalk" over PAVEMENT and dived

Harpur's Bizarre

We love Sarah's blog!

This little blog is hilarious

"Can't You Get Along With Anybody?"


Witty, irreverant, non-PC

IMAO. Awesome snark-filled observations.

Watts Up With That

Always makes me laugh

Definitely the right place for this blog.

I've seen worse.

The Powers That Be
Thoughts, musings and commentary by columnist Doug Powers

I nominate

Vagina Drum

love love love her

I have mad love for The Drum. And for vaginas!

Cranky blog about other people's trash? You got it:

I always look for my dose of humor from:

Shameless self-promotion gives me more than a little bit of HomoShame.

Thanks for the kind mention, but please remove my blog from the nominations.

Dave Burge / iowahawk

Because vagina-skinned drumheads are the funniest things in the world.

This lady rightchere is hilarious!

scrappleface (Scoot Ott)

Stoaty RAWKS!!!!

Vagina Drum

You may think it, she says it!

Karla for Senate (The Carly Fiorina Parody Site)

Karla for Senate: The Carly Fiorina Parody

Orly Taitz Esquire

One of the greatest performance artists of all times!
is funny

TechChuff - the folly of too many.

The only UK technology satire blog run by a Sri-Lankan bloke.

The best humor blog on the net is by Mary Beth Ellis - Blonde Champagne;

Step Aside Let The Dog See The Rabbit

I dare you...

The Adventures of Billy the Worm

I hereby nominate the Daily Fortnight; a satirical British news site with a distinctly pan American feel.

i nominate, the best HUMOR blog on this planet:


check out my "i hate hannity" video which appeared in FOX

also check out the directors cut

i am deweyfromdetroit, and i approved this nomination.

thank you for your support.

i nominate MOTUS: The Mirror Of The United States. she started blogging after hearing too many people ask, "doesn't Michelle Obama have a mirror?"

Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog

I nominate Jumping in Jello

Wonkette, hands down. Best political humor on the Interwebz

Second! (?)

um and/or the Wonkett? It's a Warblog, of course; its bearded patriotic owner Mr. Layne has many many children and is a deeply conservative American X-tian with a female wife.

Wonkette, if not for the posts then for the blinkies and the commenters.

The Fringe Bar's favourite writer and comedian

Indecision Forever -

Well, BOSSY is by far consistently the funniest thing I read. Daily. Multiple content pages, funny and poignant. A slice of life crackup! Just the BEST.

I am Bossy

The Floozy Doozy

Live Talk on Twitter

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