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Related Entries


Teacher Education blog,providing rich resources for teachers and teacher education students on topics ranging from Curriculum Development, Teaching Principles, Assessments, Knowledge Creation Process, 21st century teaching practices and Paradigm shift in education among many others.

Presentations posted on the blog which are mostly written by the author are linked from Slideshare, so viewers can download the entire document should they decide to do so.

The blog likewise, provides important education links that are rich resources in education and mathematics such as the MIT OPENCOURSEWARE, Terrence Tao Blog among others.

Please consider "The Frustrated Teacher" for best education blog.

Please consider our class blog. It was a finalist last year and we are hoping it will actually get pushed over the top this year!


Eating the Paste! The blog of an awesome and hilarious Special Education teacher


Thank you for the opportunity!
Check out our School Days Section for resources and more for the homeschooling parent!


Thank you for the Opportunity!

Red Easel is the visual artists resource for information and inspiration in one place. Professional visual artists showcase their work and share their stories, tutorials, struggles, and successes with our readers. We cover everything from Art History and contests to how to's and workshop information. It's the one-stop studio for visual artists and art enthusiasts everywhere! Take a stroll through our studio, you're sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Susan's site for visual artists is also a very educational site. I have enjoyed learning about art history and master artists of the past in addition to tutorials in drawing and painting. For anyone aspiring to be an artist, Red Easel is a great site. I nominate Red Easel. Thank you.

UNU Media Studio's mission is to develop and share open educational resources:

As well as documenting the process and discussing related issues:

Best Education Blog:

Non-celebrity twitter:

Celebrity twitter:


This is my class blog for my kindergarten students. It serves 3 purposes: It provides communication between myself and parents, it provides themed games that assist in the development of hand-eye coordination, and it provides parents with a resource that they can use with their children, creating valuable parent/child time.

Check out:

Educational videos with weblinks to some of the best organizations and individual making a difference in the world. Lots of social entrepreneurs, non profit and innovative content. No advertisements ! 100% donations go
to micro loan programs, a donation that is perpetual and keeps on giving. RSS friendly. Very unique concept, cool format...

Eduflack -- A great blog on education policy, education reform, and media.

I'd like to nominate my blog dedicated to English test IELTS, that has been helping people to pass their exams and be on the way to their dreams since 2005.

This blog created a large online community where everyone is helping others to improve their English.

The Centered Librarian

Tracking innovation, development and experimentation in information studies and library science.

Just so you know, the "green +" feature doesn't work. Can you please fix it? Thanks!

I would like to nominate The Spout as the best new education blog of 2009.
The Spout

I wish to nominate my blog Professor Ad Man for Best Education and Best Business blog. If you want a career in advertising, this is the place to learn.

I wish to nominate my blog, The Frog Blog, for Best Education Blog. The Frog Blog contains articles on a wide array of science topics from astronomy to zoology. It's created for science enthusiasts of all ages.

Look At My Happy Rainbow: My Journey as a Male Kindergarten Teacher

Live Talk on Twitter

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