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Pop culture commentary, with a side order of snarkyness at PopVulture

It's that time of year again. How exciting.

I had such great fun with these awards last year that I'd like to nominate Harpymarx for a powerful blend of politics and art including insightful reviews:


And my own blog:
Madam Miaow Says

Gallery of Art, superb high res art of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Nerdabout-art, tech, and all that's nerdy in-between

I nominate Barataria:

Thoughtful and challenging 3 times a week. A strong half-step back from the noise of the regular media.

I would add it's eclectic and intelligent.

Barataria is a must-read for anyone who has started to wonder if our world is coming apart at the seams or what. It's intelligent and full of unique insight and perspective.

Even if you're not a mom, this is a GREAT cultural site. Blogger Barbara Curtis is a former hippie and leftist who is now an extremely insightful conservative. Mother of twelve and author of several books, including Reaching the Left from the Right: Talking About Social Issues with People Who Don't Think Like You, , Barbara has a very winning personality. Her keen social insights are always delivered with compassion and understanding. And of course, she has great parenting advice and wonderful anecdotes from her experiences raising twelve completely different personalities. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, whether writing about family dilemmas or big social/political/cultural issues, she always writes with great heart, good humor and a gentle spirit.

Given the impact this blog has had on me, I nominate: The Thinker

Dedicated 5-days a week to matters of Political Correctness, Immigration, Our Founding Fathers, Constitutional Issues, and Scripture

Ibn Ibn Battuta - notes on cross-cultural interactions from around the world!

Bridges and Tangents
Looking across the landscape of contemporary culture - at the arts, science, religion, politics, philosophy.

i nominate:

It's written by a guy who writes for 'the skinny' in Scotland. Political / Cultural stuff. Worth checking out.

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