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Related Entries


I enthusiastically nominate:

The Blogmocracy:

This blog has undergone a rapid and stunning evolution from a small haven for members banned from another site, into a major new presence with its own unique culture. Its content is fueled by submissions from its many members, and is not dictated by a master or a handful of anointed monitors.

I nominate:

A free, open and tolerant society that allows dissent. know!

With no reservations, I nominate.

The Blogmocracy:

The Blogmocracy!

Another thumbs-up for 'The Blogmocracy' --

Because friends don't let friends do LGF-1.0.

Notoriously Conservative

I nominate:
The master would approve.

The category is "Best Conservative Blog". Not "Most Frightening Cult".

I nominate

as the best conservative Sarah Palin supporting blog around!

I don't think that word means what you think it means.

let's see,
1. you hate obama
2. you are against the health care plan
3. you are birthers
4. you advocated for McCain/Palin
5. you are puma

yep, the word fits.

umm...wrong category, dingbat!

Hay Asshat before you open that cake hole under your nose, perhaps you should check out how WAS the winner of the Best Conservative Blog last year.

The only dingbat on this form is you.

Oh, Have a Nice day

I would like to nominate David Horowitz's NewsReal blog.

NewsReal Blog

I nominate:
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
outlaw most bloggers

license all the rest
monitor their writing



I nominate Pamela Geller

Atlas Shrugs!

I nominate Rev Paul T Hipple's blog:

Dominionists for Tancredo/Palin 2012, 2106 at the latest is NOT a conservative blog, at least two of the contributors there supported Obama last election and the night host, Vitruvius recently opined that "conservatives are half wits".

Does that sound like a conservative blog to you? A blog that describes conservatives as "half wits"? No? Then please do not accept nominations for that blog in this category.

What uuter falsehoods and garbage Johnny. Shame on you.

I nominate Lonely Conservative--I depend on this blog for info, breaking news, commentary, sparring opinions, and entertainment. Great work!:

I nominate Lonely Conservative--I depend on this blog for info, breaking news, commentary, sparring opinions, and entertainment. Great work!:

Large audience:

Ace of Spades and his morons

Michelle Malkin and her sleuthing

Small audience:

Six Meat Buffet

because they're template conservatives, too -- aka bigots, racists -- which is to say they criticize newspeak progressivism


Because hobos won't hunt themselves.


Btw, "Johnny," you're full of it.

"At least two of the contributors (at SDA) supported Obama last election..."

That's an absolute, bald lie. I go to SDA daily, and have done so for years, and I'm familiar with all the contributors. None of them "supported Obama," to put it mildly.

You should change your name to "Lying Johnny." Do you make stuff up in your real life too, or just online?

I nominate PA Pundits International.

A previous winner of best conservative blog for very good reason.

Timely. Wise. Concise. Great participaton.

And the ability to actually change the political landscape!

Go Kate!!!

From an obvious troll. is NOT a conservative blog,

Get a clue ML.

I vote for The Lonely Conservative:

I am not even teribly political, but I love the info that she is putting out. It is hard to find truth in the main stream media these days, so I am so thankful for people devoted to the truth like The Lonely Conservative.

My nominations:

I nominate for Best Conservative Blog

Best is small dead animals

The Minority Report!! +

Author Chris Brady's Leadership Blog

Nominating Lonely Conservative. Conservative blogging to keep me sane.

Best I've seen, keep them coming 'Kate'.

For up-to-the minute coverage of political, religious, and cultural matters from a conservative perspective, with smart, informed, grown-up comments 24/7 --THE BLOGMOCRACY

I nominate the Newsreal blog.

It's chief editor is David Horowitz, who has written many books about his conversion from the radical left to being a conservative.

American Thinker

I don't know what I'd do without this blog! And Rush and Hannity probably don't know what THEY'd do without it either, given how often I hear them cite it.

Great, in-depth articles by dozens and dozens of excellent writers with expertise in fields ranging from health care to foreign policy, from economics to cultural dynamics.

American Thinker provides necessary ammo for conservatives. I depend on it.

My vote is

I'd like to add the David Horowitz NewsReal Blog to the category of the best Conservative News blog.

I've enjoyed a daily reading of the many topics that NewsReal has provided.

I'd also like to add my own personal blog, I may not be up to the task of a nomination, but then I have a full time job.


I'd like to nominate The Conservative Empire at

i vote for jumping in pools

I nominate Ace O'Spades.

Yes, I am a Moron. But Ace needs the ad money for vodka.

Ewoks rule!

I nominate Flopping Aces

I'd like to nominate
Don is a tough conservatve and a squared away reporter to boot. He is not afraid to call a spade a spade or to give a liberal credit when it is do. he is fair and balanced, honest to a fault and a top tier blogger.

The BEST political blog is REDSTATE.COM

But following EXTREMELY closely behind is NewsReal Blog and Atlasshrugs. These three blogs keep a conservative on top of what you need to know.

I nominate Ace of Spades HQ


Hot Air:

Gateway Pundit. Serious work going on here.

Atlas Shrugs/Pamela Gellar. Tells it like it is.

Ace. No one, positively no one, has commenters in this class and category.
Days and days of entertainment.

Ace of Spades, of course. Because without the val-u-rite, hobos, ewoks and ONT, we'd be nothing!


The Powers That Be
Thoughts, musings and commentary by columnist Doug Powers

I nominate Plumb Bob Blog for Best Conservative Blog.

Legal Insurrection

I nominate America's Right.

Jeff Schrieber, the guy who runs the place, has put together a popular resource filled with great writing from great writers. Plus, as it shows in his bio, he does it all while juggling a full time job and night-time law school.

Jeff is amazing. He has talked about running for office. And I hope he does.

I nominate Cynthia Yockey - A (Newly) Conservative Lesbian for Best Conservative Blog

The WyBlog

"Greetings from the Peoples Republic of New Jersey"

I read America's Right almost daily. I think that Jeff's blog is informative and interesting. I nominate his blog for Best Political Blog.

I nominate Verum Serum.

Our discoveries and stories have been featured throughout the media this year. On the Sotomayor nomination, we were the original source of the "Wise Latina" speech and the "Court is Where Policy is Made" video.

On healthcare reform, we were the original source of virtually every video where Democrats have admitted that the public option is intended as a trojan horse for single payer, including Rep. Schakowsky, Barney Frank, and the "father of the public option" Jacob Hacker.

And for good measure we found and posted the anti-American, anti-Israel album produced by Van Jones - and narrated by Mumia Abu-Jamal - which CBS speculated was the last straw before Van Jones was forced to resign.

Selected television, newspaper, and talk radio cites available here:


the original banned of

My name is Jeff Schreiber. I am the purveyor of America's Right ( However, as proud as I am of my work, I nominate VERUM SERUM.

Provoking Thought
conservative, not a gop party blog

I would like to nominate

The Metaphysical Peregrine


You'll never know how right you are until you visit Wonkette.

The Crossed Pond">">


A Ron Paul conservative, a British Tory, a Kansas Libertarian, a New Jersey Republican, and this year they added a feminist military contractor, a 20-year Navy vet specializing in Latin America, a transplant from Idaho to Japan, and a West Coast objectivist.

If you're looking for a real time battle over the heart and soul of conservatism...

I nominate Chris

I enthusiastically nominate

The Blog of Chris Brady

I nominate
Ace of Spades HQ

The best Conservative Blog:

Chris' blog provides a great catalyst for thought in his readers. Great job!

Thank God for America's right. Reading this blog gives me hope for our country.

i nominate, the best POLITICAL blog on this planet:


i am deweyfromdetroit, and i approved this nomination.

thank you for your support.

i nominate MOTUS: The Mirror Of The United States. she started blogging after hearing too many people ask, "doesn't Michelle Obama have a mirror?"

Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog

I love what Matthew Burke way of thinking. He is a conservative holding to our values and freedom as it is written in the constitution. His writing is healthy for our country which is changing direction againist the main direction of those founding fathers. We have to go back to our values, liberty, captalism which is one of our values to promote freedom of religion, personal freedom not like what is happening now. The federl government is taking away our freedom bit by bit. is one of the first thingss I read every day. Jeff has a very good group of extra writers and he also has a very personal way of hitting the nail on the head on about every issue. One of the Best POLITICAL BLOGs around.

I nominate America's Right as best political blog. I read it daily and always find it thought-provoking and interesting. Jeff Schreiber always hits the nail on the head with his comments and the other writers are spot-on, too. They address what's in the news and sometimes things that are not in the news but should be.

The Strident Conservative

Using satire and sarcasm, the Strident Conservative comments on issues of politics and religion from a firmly planted, conservative viewpoint.

If you're mad as hell and can't take it anymore, this is a site you'll love.

Paula Deen's blog.
This is our American food!
Whackdoodle scrumptious!!

I nominate The Metaphysical Peregrine. It comments on politics, film, literature, religion, photography, guided by Conservative and Christian principles, values and beliefs.

I nominate
IsraelMatzav because it helps me really understand what is happening in Israel and around the world.

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