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Related Entries


Andrew Bolt blog

The overwhelming popularity of this blog is a testament to the energy Andrew Bolt puts into it, and topicality of the issues addressed, the opportunity for everyone to have their say without censorship, and the evidence based logic, reasoning and humanity behind much of what is written.

Oz's best political and current affairs blog, by far!

I nominate Andrew Bolt - best blog in Australia by a country mile!

John Birmingham

The author of books including "He Died With a Falafel in His Hand" writes an entertaining blog. He brings his literary skills to a broad range of topics.

He has two blogs:

Vote for Birmo otherwise Bolty (and his blog of bile) will win.

Andrew Bolt's blog. Calling spade a spade, doing his research more thoroughly than most journalists, and above all - more common sense than vast majority of them. Thank you, Andrew.

My nomination:

(I hope I got the second one right).

Thank you,


Andrew Bolt's blog - far and away the biggest and best in Australia

No to Andrew Bolt blog.
As a discussion forum it gives the impression of either being biased or overwhelmed with the work required to promote timely and heated debates.
4 comments the other day unpublished with the discussion page updated with a 2 hour delay. My 4 posts were within this 2 hour window. 5th comment asking why the previous 4 had been ignored, was annoyingly published.
Not a quality blog even if the discussion materials are current and likely to be contentious in nature.

Andrew Bolt has the best blog by far...

I nominate Tim Blair.

Throughout his various iterations Tim maintained his journalistic integrity and a wicked sense of fun. And by journalistic integrity I mean that he has a respect for facts and often makes fun of overblown primadonnas of the news profession who fancy that they are the 'news'.

on the political climate

I nominate

gimcrack hospital (pg)

Yes. Fat Lot of Good. ( Much with the intelligent writing.

I nominate this humourous blog


Gimcrack Hospital (PG)


Gimcrack Hospital


Gimcrack Hospital (PG)


Gimcrack Hospital (PG)


I nominate gimcrack hospital for best blog -

for its sexy wit, humour and amazing art work.

I'd like to nominate a uinque, one of a kind, Aussie blog on Real Estate.

Home I Own


Homeiown explains everything about buying, building, selling or renting a house in Australia.

This blog is a winner of 2009 Chapeau Blog Awards and is in the top 100 Women Bloggers.

I nominate gimcrack hospital for best blog. It is witty,sylish,funny and full of fascinating tidbits

The Importance of Ideas by Jason Whittaker:

Live Talk on Twitter

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