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  • ray_sanford commented on Best Political Blog
    I Hate the Media http://www.ihatethemedia.com...
  • deweyfromdetroit commented on Best Political Blog
    i nominate, the best POLITICAL blog on this planet: deweyfromdetroit http://www.deweyfromdetroit.com/ http://www.blogger.com/feeds/4685813314403751776/posts/default i am deweyfromdetroit, and i approved this nomination. thank you for your support....
  • MOTUS commented on Best Political Blog
    i nominate MOTUS: The Mirror Of The United States. she started blogging after hearing too many people ask, "doesn't Michelle Obama have a mirror?" Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog http://www.michellesmirror.com/ http://www.blogger.com/feeds/3384776801994230663/posts/default...
  • krome koran commented on Best Political Blog
    Wonkette - what could be finer? What other blog would you ever need? Trucknutz, also!!2!...
  • David commented on Best Political Blog
    The Strident Conservative http://stridentconservative.com http://www.stridentconservative.com/?feed=rss2 Using satire and sarcasm, the Strident Conservative comments on issues of politics and religion from a firmly planted, conservative viewpoint. If you're mad as hell and can't take it anymore, this is a site you'll love....

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