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Nominations Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How do I nominate a blog for The 2009 Weblog Awards?

A: Leave a comment in the associated nomination post with the blog name and URL. The nomination posts will appear on the site in early November 2009.

Q:How do I leave a comment?

A: The best way to comment is to sign in via SixApart's Typekey service, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress ID, or OpenID. That allows us to protect against spammers and automated comment bots. Comments from non-authenticated accounts will be accepted, but they will be moderated - delaying their appearance.

Q:I don't want to use one of those methods, isn't there another option?

A: You can leave a comment without an authenticated login, though it may take up to a day for your comment to appear.

Q:Will Typekey, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress ID, or OpenID be required for voting?

A: No.

Q: How will finalist be picked?

A: To understand how 10-15 finalists in each category will be picked you first have to understand how they are nominated. Since you're reading this you're probably aware of the call for nominations for all of the award categories. In 2006 there were about 4,500 nominations for the various categories, and we expect more this year.

For the most part if a site is not nominated it wont be considered as a finalist in a category. For everyone who will complain that we "missed" one site or another, our question to you is, "did you nominate them?" We don't have ESP here at The Weblog Awards, though it is a oft requested feature.

Many, many excellent blogs are not going to be finalists, so prepare yourself for disappointment. You are, of course, free to disagree with the finalists we choose, but denigrating the sites selected will not be tolerated. Calling such and such site "shitty", "lame", etc. is a pretty cruel thing to do, especially since many of the sites nominated didn't even know they would be included. If you don't like the choices available don't participate.

Q: No offense, but some of the nominations in Best XXX suck. Those are not the best XXX... YYY and XXX are much better.

A: See the previous entry. Offense taken. Throwing backhanded insults at nominees or finalists is not a good way to enter the discussion....

Q: I'm a finalist and I don't want to participate. Can you remove me from the poll?

A: No. Due to the complexities of the poll creation process it will be a one time only process. Additions and deletions to the list of finalists will not be made.  We will try to pre-publicize the list of finalists so if you don't want your weblog to be linked to you can block or redirect incoming traffic...

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I'm only here because I promised the Anchoress at
that I would vote for her and I try to be a man of my words when "IT" doesn't hurt too much.:(

God only knows if I'll have more to say later! :)

God Bless,


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